The Mystery at Turkelton Manor


Agent Wanted

 Twelve-year-old Nathaniel Jones wants to be a detective. Though his imagination tends to run wild, Nate knows something strange is going on and he is determined, no matter what, to figure it out. Hearing noises at night, the young detective sees a strange figure lurking about. The Turkeltons are rich and Nate’s grandfather is their groundskeeper. As a result, Nate gets to spend the summer on the manor grounds. With priceless art and expensive jewelry in the mix, and someone creeping around at night, Nate becomes determined to catch a thief. There’s just one problem; nothing seems to be missing. 

This is a Middle Grade Mystery.

A Collection of Twisted Tales



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     Most of these stories have one thing in common, death. Although death is the common thread, there is nothing common in the way it comes about. This collection is chock full of interesting characters scattered among various settings that inspire the imagination, such as a lavish English mansion or a dark interior of a rundown home.

     This collection is inspired by and written in the style of Edgar Allan Poe.

Search for the Lost Realm



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Search for the Lost Realm is an epic journey in which a young man named Varan wants to find a power which has been missing from the world of Kantania for thousands of years.

Varan sets out, but soon discovers his true mission is to save the world's creator from a spiritual bond placed upon him by the powerful demon, Eldrok.

From demons to dragons and sorcerers to soldiers, battles erupt and Varan must hurry or the world could be lost to darkness forever.

This story does not consist of action alone as Varan faces dilemmas of the heart, struggles of the flesh and complex issues of the mind.

Skorch: The Bounty Hunter



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Commissioned to capture or kill the son of a notorius crime lord, Skorch, the bounty hunter sets out to find his man. Marcus is going to take over the family business, but Skorch is determined to shut them down.

Skorch spent the majority of his life bringing people to justice, but after a friend is murdered, he decides that justice isn't going to work the traditional way.

Bounty hunter turned assassin turned fugitive, this man finds himself on the run, but he is determined to finish his mission by whatever means necessary.

The Rise of the Reaper: Duty Calls


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The “Organization” works outside the confines of the American Government: A terrorist cell has set up shop in and around New York City, waiting for the precise moment to strike. The “Organization” must investigate to find out who is involved and they soon realize the list is extensive, containing players both foreign and domestic. 

Simon Wheatley lost his parents to a terrorist attack just two weeks after graduating high school. Once a promising young athlete, Simon decided to give up sports to fight terrorism. 

A new recruit to the “Organization”, Simon sets out to prove he’ll stop at nothing to keep innocent people safe while doing everything in his power to take out those who would bring harm to others. 

The Rise of the Reaper: Domestic Disputes



The Rise of the Reaper: Retribution



The Rise of the Reaper: Rogue Agent



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