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Some Day, Famous Quotes

On Intelligence

"The lack of a Degree does not constitute a lack of intelligence."

                               Kraig Dafoe

On Happiness

"Happiness is the absence of what makes you miserable."

                        Kraig Dafoe

On Truth

"The Truth maintains itself whereas a lie needs constant upkeep."

                                   Kraig Dafoe

On Writing

"Though my writing may not be gold, I prefer to think of it as a fine wine that gets better with time."

                              Kraig Dafoe

Theory of Being

"There is FACT, there is FICTION and there is FANTASY. In which do you believe?"


                           Kraig Dafoe

When I'm happy

"When I have something to do, yet I have to do nothing, I am at my happiest."


                                  Kraig Dafoe